Used, Refurbished, Reconditioned Color Copiers Houston

Time to purchase or lease a new copier on a budget? We’ve got you covered, Houston. Call 281-351-5128 or fill out this form for a free quote on a used, refurbished and reconditioned color copier.

Used Refurbished Recondition Copier Houston

Skelton keeps a great stockpile of used/refurbished/reconditioned color copiers for sale. All of them have been under Skelton’s care their entire life and we have the full service history. Most of them have been returned from a 3 year lease where they were lightly used. We return the abused and overworked machines to the leasing company. Skelton’s Sharp certified technicians recondition the copiers with all needed parts and supplies before listing them for sale.

What are some advantages of purchasing / leasing a used or refurbished copier?

Well, for one, they’re cheaper. We sell our used color copiers at wholesaler pricing, but the quality is much better –  and certified. They are ready for immediate FREE delivery in Houston. Skelton will still provide service, toner, and supplies for all reconditioned copiers. We offer a multi-machine purchase or lease discount on certain models! Double-down and get that extra copier/printer/scanner your other location has been needing.

What are disadvantages of leasing or purchasing a used or reconditioned copier?

To be honest, there’s only one disadvantage. The machine is already a few years so you won’t get quite the longevity you would from a new machine. If you’re not weary about buying a used car you shouldn’t weary about purchasing or leasing a used color copier. We make sure it’s in excellent shape before wheeling it out the door. Our Sharp certified technicians are great and their jobs.

Sharp Copier Models that we currently have available for purchase or lease:

Click the model name to view the PDF Brochure

[ezcol_1half]Color Copier/Printers

MX-2610N – 2011

MX-3110N – 2011-2012

MX-3140N – late 2012

MX-3610N – 2011

MX-3640N – late 2012

MX-4110N – late 2012

MX-4111N – 2012

MX-5110N – 2011

MX-5111N – 2012

MX-6240N – 2012

MX-C311 – 2008

MX-C400P(printer) 2010[/ezcol_1half]

[ezcol_1half_end]Black and White Copiers/Printers

MX-M260 – 2011

MX-M310 – 2011

MX-M264N – 2013

MX-M354N – 2012

MX-M363N – 2012

MX-M363U – 2012

MX-M453N – 2012

MX-M503U – 2011

MX-M623N – 2011

MX-M753N – 2010


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  1. You could save a lot of money if you bought one of these refurbished copiers. I know how important a copier is for a company so getting one that is cheaper could save a lot of money that you could put into other things. I would certainly try and figure out if you can get a good quote or not.


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