Formax: Unfolding the Paper Trail of Innovation

Let’s explore the diverse range of offerings from Formax, a company specializing in paper-handling equipment and solutions. If paper is moving through your office, Formax has something you need!

  1. Digital Print & Finishing Solutions:

  2. Mailing Solutions:

    • Formax’s mailing solutions simplify communication with customers and elevate a company’s brand and image. From document creation and processing to metering and presentation, Formax offers tools that streamline the mailing process.
  3. Pressure Seal Solutions:

    • Formax’s patented AutoSeal pressure seal technology has been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, schools, and small businesses for over a decade. The AutoSeal equipment line caters to various needs, from desktop solutions (like the FD 1202 entry-level pressure sealer) to high-end production equipment (such as the flagship FD 2056 model).
  4. Data Destruction:

    • In today’s business environment, protecting sensitive information is crucial. Formax offers secure data destruction solutions, allowing companies to shred or destroy sensitive data at the source, maintaining complete control of the process. Shredders are made with solid parts and have lifetime warranties on the shredder heads.
  5. Mint Mailing Systems:

    • Mint Mailing Systems combine simplicity and performance, offering the latest in postage technology. Whether you need a small or large package, Mint puts you in control of your mailings while maximizing postal discounts.

Remember, Formax’s product line is exclusively carried through their network of dealers, including Skelton Business Equipment, a division of Platinum Copier Solutions, ensuring nationwide service support and successful sales across the U.S.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Formax website or explore their product catalog. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

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