Sharp BP-50C26: Affordable Excellence

Effortless Connectivity

The BP-50C26 is designed for the future workplace, where seamless connectivity is crucial. As the entry level model capable of 11 x 17 color printing, it will meet your needs without breaking the bank. Although it is an economical option, it will still meet and exceed your workflow needs.

Here’s what makes it stand out:

Key Features

  1. Cost-Effective Printing:
    • The BP-50C26 ensures cost savings without compromising quality. It’s Papercut compatible, allowing businesses to manage paper usage efficiently and reduce print waste
    • Energy Star 3.0 certified, it boasts one of the lowest standby power consumption rates in its category
  2. Secure Print Solution:
    • Print documents protected by a PIN that will not spit out of the machine until you release it at the touch-panel.
    • Protect sensitive information with secure printing. The BP-50C26 offers robust security features, including system integrity checks and optional Bitdefender antivirus.
    • Collaborate confidently, knowing your data is safeguarded.
  3. Hybrid Working Support:
    • As more organizations adopt hybrid work models, the BP-50C26 facilitates seamless transitions between office and remote work.
    • Print, scan, and collaborate effortlessly from anywhere.

Finisher Options

While affordability is a key highlight, let’s briefly touch on the finisher options available for the BP-50C26:

  1. Stapling Finisher:
    • Create professional booklets, reports, and presentations with stapling options.
    • Choose from corner stapling or saddle-stitch stapling for booklet-style documents.
  2. Hole Punch Finisher:
    • Organize printed pages with standard hole punches (2-hole or 4-hole).
    • Perfect for filing documents in binders.
  3. Saddle Stitch Finisher:
    • Ideal for producing booklets and brochures.
    • Automatically folds and staples pages along the spine.
  4. Folding Unit:
    • Versatile folding patterns, including tri-fold and z-fold.
    • Enhance document versatility for marketing materials and newsletters.
  5. Offset Stacking:
    • Separate printed sets into distinct stacks for easy retrieval.
    • Useful for large print jobs or organizing multiple sets of documents.
  6. Booklet Trimmer:
    • Precisely trim booklet edges for a professional finish.
    • Say goodbye to uneven edges!
  7. Job Separator Tray:
    • Keep multiple print jobs separate and organized.
    • No more mixing up different sets of documents.


The Sharp BP-50C26 strikes a balance between affordability, functionality, and sustainability. Whether you’re printing reports, marketing materials, or internal documents, this MFP delivers exceptional value. Experience the future of printing without compromising your budget! 🌟🖨️

For detailed specifications, refer to the official Sharp BP-50C26 Specification Sheet.

Remember, affordability doesn’t mean sacrificing quality—especially when you have the BP-50C26 by your side! 💡✨

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