Sharp BP-70C45: A Closer Look

The Sharp BP-70C45 is part of the Advanced Series color document systems, designed to meet the needs of modern workstyles. Let’s delve into its standout features:

1. Document Feeder

  • The dual-head document scanner has 2 scanners to image the front and back of a 2-sided document in a single pass. This is a massive time saver for organizations that do a lot of 2-sided copying and scanning.
  • The 300-sheet duplexing single-pass feeder ensures efficient scanning and copying. It even offers double feed-detection (optional), minimizing errors and ensuring accurate results.
  • With a scanning speed of up to 280 images per minute, the document feeder handles large volumes swiftly.
  • Flexible paper handling supports media up to 300 gsm, allowing users to print on a wide variety of paper stock or media types.

2. Color Quality

  • The 1200 x 1200 dpi color output delivers stunning, vibrant colors. Whether it’s presentations, marketing materials, or reports, the BP-70C45 ensures your documents stand out.
  • Color consistency is maintained through advanced auto-calibration, ensuring peak performance every time.
  • The BP-70C45 is part of the Advanced Series color workgroup document systems, where exceptional color output meets exceptional ease of use1.

3. User Experience

  • The 10.1-inch Full-Flat LCD Touchscreen provides an intuitive interface for users. Access features, adjust settings, and navigate seamlessly.
  • built-in retractable keyboard simplifies email address and subject line entries, streamlining communication.

4. Security and Connectivity

  • Multi-layered security protects your data. Features include system integrity checks, firmware attack prevention, and optional Bitdefender antivirus.
  • Collaborate effortlessly with popular cloud services like Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
  • Wireless LAN supports stable, high-speed network communication.

5. Various Output Options

  1. Internal Stapling Finisher:
    • The internal stapling finisher is ideal for creating professional-looking booklets, reports, and presentations.
    • It can staple documents in various positions up t0 30 pages thick and has an output capacity of 400 sheets
    • Choose from single or dual stapling options based on your requirements.
  2. Saddle Stitch Finisher:
    • If you frequently produce booklets or brochures, the saddle stitch finisher is your go-to option.
    • It automatically folds and staples pages along the spine, creating professional-grade booklets.
  3. Folding Unit:
    • The inner folding unit offers versatile folding patterns, including tri-fold and z-fold.
    • Use it to create neatly folded marketing materials, newsletters, or event programs.
  4. Offset Stacking:
    • The offset stacking feature separates printed sets into distinct stacks, making it easy to retrieve specific documents.
    • Useful for large print jobs or when you need to organize multiple sets of documents.
  5. Job Separator Tray:
    • When printing multiple jobs, the job separator tray keeps them separate and neatly organized.
    • No more mixing up different sets of documents.
    • Adds a 2nd output tray to the offset stacking configuration
  6. Hole Punching
    • Hole punch streamlines document filing by adding standard hole punches (2-hole or 4-hole) to your printed pages.
    • Perfect for organizing documents in binders or folders.
    • Can be added to the internal finisher, external finisher, and the saddle stich finisher.

Remember that the choice of finisher depends on your specific workflow needs. Whether you’re creating marketing materials, reports, or internal documents, the Sharp BP-70C45’s finisher options provide flexibility and efficiency. Feel free to explore these features and tailor them to your printing requirements!


The Sharp BP-70C45 combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design. Whether you’re scanning, printing, or collaborating, this color document system delivers exceptional results. Experience the power of precision and efficiency with the BP-70C45! 🌟🖨️

For more detailed specifications, you can refer to the official Sharp BP-70C45 Specification Sheet2.

Remember, when it comes to color quality and productivity, the BP-70C45 stands tall—just like Mount Everest, but in the world of office equipment! 😉📊

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