Sharp Polaris Replacement Coming Soon – MX-6580N / MX-7580N

**EDIT: It’s here! See details and request a price on the MX-6580N or MX-7580N on our latest blog post! 


Sharp Electronics is prepping to release the MX-6580N and MX-7580N to replace the tried and true Polaris series consisting of the Sharp MX-6240N and MX-7040N.

If the model numbers stay true to tradition, we should see an increase in speed to 65 pages per minute and 75 pages per minute on the new series. The first two digits of the model number indicate the speed with Sharp copiers.

We’ve been told Sharp is exhausting their supply of the MX-6240N and MX-7040N before introducing the new MX-6580N and MX-7580N. Once the national supply of the older models runs out, the new systems will be available for purchase / lease immediately. We’re waiting to get more information, pictures and brochures for the new models – but we anticipate some great changes moving forward.

Expectations for the Sharp MX-6580N / MX-7580N

Keep in mind this is purely speculation at this point, but here are some features we expect to see in the Polaris replacement:

We expect to see the “new style” touch screen that has been used on the lower speed essential and advanced series copiers to come into play on the new Polaris replacement. The use of the same touch screen interface will give users the advantage of not having to learn anything new to control the new systems.

We also expect to see the “new style” embedded web interface that the essential and advanced series copiers are using. This will help IT professionals who perform setup on Sharp copiers by giving them a uniform web interface no matter which series of machine they are controlling.

Sharp has introduced serverless print release on the advanced series, so we expect to see that available on this new series as well. Users can print to a shared queue, then walk to any of the configured machines on their network to release their jobs. They can even use proximity cards, HID cards, or swipe a badge to login and release the prints that are waiting in the queue.

Traditionally Sharp has focused on bolstering paper feeding capabilities with new models, so we expect to see some improvements in that regard. Feeding various stocks is important to companies who need a machine like the Sharp MX-6580N or MX-7580N. This series should feed labels, envelopes, glossy paper, heavy paper, and a lot of other paper types.

We are sure there will be a few surprises rolled in as well, and we look forward to the product launch. We will include a review and some pricing for the Sharp MX-6580N or MX-7580N when they are released to the public!

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