Setup scanning to shared network folders with SMB 3.0 on Sharp BP Series machines

Sharp’s new BP series comes out of the box ready to scan to shared network folders via SMB 3.0. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up your scanning destinations.

  1. Create or choose a shared network folder you want to scan to, and copy the folder path.
  2. Open the device web page by typing the IP address of the printer into a web browser.
  3. Click the Address Book tab
  4. Give the destination a name, usually the User or Department name
  5. Scroll down and change the type tap from Email to Network Folder
  6. Paste the folder path into the Folder Path field.
  7. Check the Change Password box then enter your domain username and password
  8. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page
  9. Test for success!

Sharp BP Series Models these Instructions Pertain To:

BP-70C31, BP-70C36, BP-70C45, BP-50C26, BP-50C31, BP-50C36, BP-50C45, BP-70C55, BP-70C65, BP-50C55, BP-50C65, BP-50M26, BP-50M31, BP-50M36, BP-50M45, BP-50M55, BP-50M65, BP-70M31, BP-70M36, BP-70M45, BP-70M55, BP-70M65

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