Sharp MX-3050N | MX-3550N | MX-4050N Review and Price

Sharp’s new Essential Series, the Sharp MX-3050N, MX-3550N, MX-4050N, are equipped with just that – the essentials. As a watered down version of the MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N, the Essential Series has what most offices need to get by, but without the bells and whistles. Check out the comparison chart below the article to see the main differences between the two series.Sharp MX3050-3550-4050 Scanner


Network printing and scanning are standard on these systems. The Post Script kit for Apple/Mac printing is optional, so be sure to mention that you print from Macs if you’re ordering the Essential series. A feature the MX-3050N, MX-3550N, MX-4050N are lacking compared to their big brother is the OCR scanning. The file formats that are available for scanning aren’t nearly as complete as the MX-3570N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N series.

They are just as attractive standing in your copy room waiting to be used right away with a 10 second warm-up time. This series, called the Griffin, is the followup to the Sharp MX-2615N and MX-3115N. If you were happy with one of these models, then you’ll be thrilled with the Griffin.


Boasting speeds of 30, 35, and 40 pages per minute in full color and B&W, the Essentials will handle workloads from most offices with ease. It is designed to be VERY user friendly and is easily customized to your office’s workflow. The 10.1 inch touch screen is simple to navigate, nice to look at, and highly intuitive. Optional finishing equipment can be as complex or as simple as you need. Sharp’s new “easy modes” are in it from the start, although we prefer the older interface since it is what we’re used to. Sharp MX3050-3550-4050 with finisher and large capacity cassette

All of the finishers have what is being called “staple-less stapling” where you can insert your documents post-print to have them stapled. Or you can just walk by with your documents and use the machine as a standard stapler!


Finishing options include:

  • Internal stapling finisher
  • External 1,000 sheet capacity
  • External 1,000 sheet capacity with saddle-stitching
  • External 3,000 sheet capacity
  • External 3,000 sheet capacity with saddle-stitching

All finishers can have a 3-hole punch added which is an excellent feature that doesn’t slow the machine down. If you find yourself punching a lot of holes manually, just order the 3 hole punch module – you’ll be glad you did.


Overall this is a fantastic workgroup color laser printer/copier/scanner. It’s internal parts are very reliable, and we feel it will be a top-rated Sharp system moving forward. Please fill out the form on the request a quote page to receive pricing for the Sharp MX3050N, MX3550N, MX4050N.

Sharp MX-3050N, MX-3550N, MX-4050N Brochure

Sharp MX-3050N, MX-3550N, MX-4050N Versus Sharp MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N

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