Top Rated, Reliable Copy Machines in Houston

If you’re searching for a top-rated, reliable copier in Houston, look no further. We have a full line of Sharp copier / printer / scanners that will meet and exceed your needs. Buyers Lab, the imaging experts, regularly rank Sharps as top performers in every aspect.


This is a term that should be at the top of your “needs” list when shopping for an office copier. The system you choose should perform when you need it to. After all, you’re paying for it, and paying for service. Sharp copiers have several features that make them reliable:

  • Short Paper Path – the paper path is short and concise. The paper comes out of the tray straight into the fusing section and then exits the machine. There are few moving parts, which results in fewer misfeeds or jams.
  • Advanced Fuser Technology – Sharp’s fusers are the best in the business. The duty cycle is longer on Sharps(in their product section) than the competition.
  • Microfine Toner – the microfine toner provides smooth, even prints click after click. The self-calibration process happens in the background and your prints will look the same at the start and finish of your print job.


Sharp has always been an innovator in the copier business when compared to other manufacturers. They were the first to introduce dual-head scanners. They were the first to use micro-fine toner technology. Their document security is the best in the business. Many technological advances help to make your copying/printing/scanning as efficient as possible:

  • Network Printing – print from Windows, Mac, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print on Sharp printers
    • easily accessible print drivers available for free download
    • *AirPrint is only available on certain models, but you could buy a Plantronix xPrintServer for about$150 to enable AirPrinting with any device!
  • Network Scanning – scan to email, network folders, USB drives, FTP storage
    • Enhanced scanning compression is standard on a lot of models, available as an add-on on others
    • OCR Scanning – scan to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, searchable PDF, encrypted searchable PDF
  • Dual head scanner – scans both sides of a 2 sided original in one pass without flipping the paper around 100 times in the feeder. This increases scanning productivity by a landslide!


In times of copier / printer trouble Skelton Business Equipment will be out to your office in 4 business hours or less. Our service call response time is our pride and joy. We are one of few copier service companies in Houston who have more service technicians than sales people. In fact, we have twice as many service technicians in the field as we do sales staff. This is VERY rare, and should show you where our priorities lie.

  • 4 hours or less service call turnaround time
  • Live voice answering – always talk to a live voice, no annoying answering machine with numbers to punch
  • Free toner shipping – we stock and ship toner from our warehouse to you, free of charge, overnight!
  • Free delivery and installation – including printing and scanning setup – try finding that somewhere else!
  • Free over-the-phone remote networking support – got a new computer? No problem, we will remote in and get it setup to print and scan in minutes, FOR FREE!

We really pride ourselves on the equipment we carry, our ability to service this equipment, and how quickly we take care of your copier related problems. There are many things in life to stress about, your office equipment shouldn’t be one of them. Give Skelton a call at 281-351-5128, or contact us here. We are ready to help you end your printer woes! See this Sharp MX-3070N below? It’s new, improved, and the best Sharp system yet. You should get one. Sharp MX4070N MX3570N MX3070N

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