How To Remove Lines from Copies/Prints on a Sharp Copier


Follow along with “Copier Collin” for a quick demo on getting those pesky lines off of your copies and prints with your Sharp copier. If this procedure doesn’t help, schedule a service call for someone to come out and take a look with you. Your copier likes to be properly maintained. You might as well do these procedure a few times a month to keep everything looking crisp.

7 thoughts on “How To Remove Lines from Copies/Prints on a Sharp Copier”

  1. Thanks for putting this video up about how to remove lines from a photocopier. I’ll get down into our copier and see if following Collins tips will help. I just need to find a little tool like he used. Where can I get a little tool like that?

    • If your copier requires the tool it should be mounted on the inside of the front cover, or in a releasable spot somewhere inside the front compartment.

  2. This guide should make things go much faster in using the office photocopier. I like that you posted a video showing how to get the lines out of a print, that makes the instructions so much clearer. If my photocopier doesn’t have the tool Collins used do you know where I can find one?

    • They are on the inside cover of every Sharp printer/copier. If it’s not there someone has removed it and you’ll likely have to contact a local Sharp dealer to get it replaced.

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