How To Setup Scan to Network Folders on Sharp Copier – DIY

Here are some step-by-step instructions for setting up scanning to a shared network folder on a Sharp copier. You’ll need your Sharp printer’s IP address and a little bit of positive will power, but you can get it done. I have faith in you. Follow along with the video above; pause as needed.

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    • Make sure the folder is shared. The Sharp copier will give you a “selected server not found” error if it cannot find the folder. There are 3 issues you should check in the following order, making sure to test the scans after completing each of the following steps.

      1. Make sure the folder is shared and the username you’re using for authentication has access to the folder
      2. Double check your folder path
      3. Check to see if any of your anti-virus programs are blocking the scans. A quick way to check this is to disable it temporarily and see if your scans come through – if they do, you’ll need to tinker with your settings to allow traffic from the IP address of your copier.

    • Yes you can, but since the computers will have different names you will have a different folder path for each one. Another way to do this, is to setup scanning to a server where the path would essentially be the same except for a user’s name at the end, like \\server\scans\Lorainne for instance. Then you can set up all of the people in your office, and just make a shortcut to those folders on their desktop. That way your scans are all in the same place, and the server likely gets backed up so that data wont get lost when one computer “dies.”

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