Xerox Copy Machines in Houston

After polling the public we found that a ton of people still refer to copy machines as a “xerox machine.” Of course as people in the copier industry who don’t sell Xerox brand printers, this is disturbing. How much of the market are we missing out on because people are searching “Xerox copy machines in Houston” on Google?


This is a common mistake that people make when searching for a copier quote. Since Skelton Business Equipment has been selling and leasing Sharp multi-functional copiers in Houston for the past 35 years, we cringe when we hear someone casually refer to their office equipment as a xerox copy machine. It’s similar to calling tissues “Kleenex” or calling lip balm “Chapstick” when most of those consumers are likely buying other brands like Charmin tissues and Burt’s Bees Wax lip balm because they prefer them over the original brand.


Xerox Copy Machines in Houston


The brand name of Xerox took such a hold on the public in the early days of reproduction that it has cascaded through a couple generations of office workers. There are several manufacturers of copiers in today’s world. The strong brands have lasted through the ages, and there aren’t many exclusive features that set them all apart. Skelton has stood by Sharp for decades because they have consistently been top rated copiers by trusted reviewing companies such as BLI


Stop it with the Xerox already


We implore you to remove the term “xerox copy machines” from your vocabulary and instead use a broader term like “business copier” or “multi-functional copier” when searching for your next round of office equipment. This way you’ll get more than the tired ole’ xerox companies that sell overpriced equipment to pay for their branding. Our brand, Sharp, has pioneered many of the outstanding functions that many other manufacturers now use for their equipment. Functions such as the dual head scanner(seen on models such as the MX-4141N or MX-M565N), enhanced scanning compression, increased document security kits, and others come to mind.


The moral of the story here is that there are other copier brands on the market other than Xerox, and they all have a lot to offer you and your office. Request a quote from Skelton Business Equipment today and hang onto it for the next time you are ready to buy a commercial copier in Houston. We can come out to your office and do a quick printing audit to find the most efficient printing solution for your office.

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