SOLVED: Can’t Print to Network Printer with Nord VPN on Windows PC

Careful customers like to keep their internet traffic private, which we completely understand. What that don’t realize is that one of the settings in Nord VPN prohibit using local network resources. From Nord VPNs website:

  • Invisibility on LAN makes your computer invisible to others on the same local area network (LAN). Keep in mind that once enabled, you will not be able to connect to devices on the same LAN, like printers. Disabled by default.

The Invisibility on LAN needs to be set to “OFF” to use your network printers.

  1. Right click on the Nord VPN icon in the system tray
  2. Open the preferences
  3. Click the gear icon to open the settings
  4. Click the Advanced tab on the left menu
  5. Toggle the Invisibility on LAN to OFF
  6. Test your printer.

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