Sharp H5-01 Trouble Error Code Clear Process

H5-01 is a common error code on older Sharp copiers. It indicates that your machine has had 5 jams in a row. It can be cleared out, but your machine likely needs some maintenance to prevent further issues. Or it might be time to consider updating your office equipment to something new. In either case, feel free to contact us for your options.

H5-01 Trouble Error Code Clear on Sharp Copier – Video Instructions

H5-01 Trouble Error Code Clear on Sharp Copier – Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Make sure you’ve gotten all of the jammed paper out of the machine
  2. On the number pad, touch P, *, C, * in rapid succession
    • On newer Sharp copiers(2014-present) you’ll have to double tap the Home button to the right of the touch screen to bring up the number pad
  3. The machine will enter a simulation mode, either touch the #14 on the touch screen, or type 14 on the number pad, then touch the B&W Start button(or mono on newer machines)Sharp H5-01 trouble error code
  4. Touch Execute, then Yes.Sharp H5-01 trouble error code cancelation
  5. It will take a moment to process, sometimes you will have a progress bar, then the machine will reboot itself. If it doesn’t reboot itself after a minute or two, go ahead and touch CA to reboot it. If all else fails, turn it off manually.

The Sharp copier with the H5-01 should be reset at this point, and you should be able to print/copy again. Again, if you need someone to come out and take a look at your system, request a service call. Skelton Business Equipment has a 4 hour service call turnaround time! We can also provide you with a free quote if you want to consider updating your equipment. Odds are if you are getting the H5-01 that your copier may be on it’s last leg.

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  1. P=# on the older AR M161 machines. So the code on those machines is
    #*C* 14 Start OK
    I was struggling to find out where the P was. I thought it was the number key 7 with the letters PQRS next to it. I only picked up that P=# by watching the video on this page where the machine in the video had P/# on the # button.

  2. it work to clear the code (H5-01) but when i start copying, i’m still experiencing paper jam and paper is unable to to travel through the heater unit after changing the web unit

  3. This is great but I could not get the error code to go away, I checked all doors and trays for any sign of a paper jam and I cannot find a jam and cannot get the screen to clear so I can try to enter the code. Thanks for the information. Im sure it would be very helpful if I could see the key pad.

  4. My sharp mx3570 doesn’t bring up the touch pad. it has a keyboard that slides out but it doesn’t do anything when I click it.
    Double click on home button opens count and toner display

  5. Every YouTube video has this outdated information but it’s not helpful on MX-M7570.

    There is no physical panel, just a pullout keyboard with no Clear button. Double-tapping the Home button does NOT bring up a virtual panel. Tried entering the IP address as supposedly there is a remote panel option, but didn’t see it anywhere obvious.

    Very frustrating as I’m pretty sure the physical jam is cleared and the machine is just mentally stuck!

    • The home button is the white house icon in the indented part of the right-hanf side of the touch screen. When you’re on the default screen when the machine it turned on and you double-tap this button it should launch the window mentioned.

  6. Mine is not working. The number pad is blocked by the error code. Even after tapping twice on home button it just shows total count/ toner quantity display. The number do not appear. Please assist.

  7. What buttons will I press to scroll up, down, left or right to apply yes, no and execute? Sharp MX-M266N CODE ERROR H5-01


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