How To Setup Sharp Copier To Automatically Email Meters

How To Setup Your Sharp Copier To Automatically Email Meters to Skelton Business Equipment

Before you begin please ensure that your copier is setup to scan to email. The process below makes use of those settings to send the status message to us via email. If you need to setup scanning to email, you can follow the instructions on this page.

  1. Open the web page of the copier by typing the IP address into the address bar of your favorite web browser
  2. Click Login at the top right
  3. The default password is admin, enter that and click
  4.  On the Status tab, click the Not Set link
    • In the Name field enter your company name as Skelton has it listed
    • In the Machine Code field enter ONLY the 5 digit ID number on the front of your machine
    • In the Location field enter your mailing address or a department name
    • In the Memo field enter “Do not change the information above.”
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Now click the System Settings tab, then click System Control  at the bottom left
  7. Click E-mail Alert and Status near the bottom of the left menu
  8. Enter in the E-mail Status Message List 1
  9. Check the Send by Schedule 1 box
  10. Scroll down and set Schedule 1 to Monthly, every 1 month on (day provided to you by Skelton).
  11. Click Submit.
  12. On E-mail Status Message List 1 click Send Now to send us a test – and confirm that we got it.

Skelton Business Equipment is a premier Sharp dealer in Houston. We offer copier sales and leasing to the entire greater Houston area, from Galveston to New Waverly! Call us at 281-351-5128 or contact us to get pricing on a new or used copier today!

4 thoughts on “How To Setup Sharp Copier To Automatically Email Meters”

  1. Dear brother i have sharp SHARP -M314N machine . when i am going to switch on that machine error is coming
    Err:Failed to expand ARM9 Prg….
    Please help me to resolve that problem

  2. How do I download the sharp drivers from your site. I have sharp MX 2610n, MX 4112n, MX 5112n but anytime I configure on the Mac, it does not print colour. Please help me. Thanks

    • I’m only familiar with the MX-2610N and it doesn’t come standard with post script. Normally the drivers are defaulted to the Automatic color mode, so if your document has color it should print color. If you can describe how you have your settings I might be of more help.


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