NEW Sharp Product – MX3071, MX3571, MX4071 Phoenix 2

NEW Sharp Product – MX3071, MX3571, MX4071 the Phoenix 2

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Sharp Electronics has introduced the new Phoenix 2 series including the following models:

Advanced Series – MX3071, MX3571, MX4071

Essential Series – MX2651, MX3051, MX3551, MX4051

Building on the success of the Sharp Phoenix series, the Phoenix 2 is new and improved. While we have joked about copiers being voice controlled in the past, that is now our reality. The new Sharp multi-function machines are capable of basic functions via voice control.

Standard Features:

  • Award-winning 10.1 inch touch screen display – customized to your workflow
  • Award-winning web GUI
  • Convenient End-Of-Lease feature wipes all data and personal information from the machine before returning
  • Up to 220 images per minute when scanning (advanced series)
  • 1200 x 1200 DPI print resolution (advanced series)
  • Easily convert documents to popular Microsoft® file formats as well as a variety of PDF
    formats. You can also direct print these same file types from thumb drives, cloud applications
    and more. This function is enabled via Qualcomm® DirectOffice™ technology. (optional on essential series)
  • Built-in walk-up motion sensor automatically detects approaching users and immediately
    wakes the machine, making it ready for use within seconds. (advanced series)
  • Automatic toner eject – No toner waste, the machine will not eject the cartridge until it is empty! This is good for you and for us.

New Features to the Phoenix 2:

  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Amazon smart office
  • Feed up to 50 envelopes through Tray 1, or 20 envelopes through the bypass tray
  • Advanced ACS – scanner automatically senses whether an image would be clearer in B&W or gray scale and changes the file type accordingly
  • Scanning Auto-set button – scanner will apply a series of functions to improve scanned documents with one button press

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  1. It would be great to have setup instructions for user control that is specific to the M3071. I know the M3070 is close, but the windows are different to access the specific areas.


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