How To Enable Fax Confirmation Page on Sharp Copier

How To Enable Fax Confirmation Page on Sharp Copier

Although fax machines are a dying transmitting medium, we are still here to offer helpful tips for you and your fax. Out of the box the Sharp fax boards are paper conscious and have the fax confirmation page disabled. It’s a few quick clicks or button presses to activate the fax confirmation page.

  1. Type the IP address of your copier into a web browser, hit enter on your keyboard. If you do not have your IP address click here for instructions on how to print it out.
  2. Click the System Settings tab
  3. Next, click the Image Send Settings button on this page
  4. Then click Fax Settings
  5. Click Condition Settings on the left menu
  6. Login as admin, password is admin by default
  7. Scroll down to find the Transaction Report Print Select Setting, change Single Sending to
  8. Just above that change the Original Print on Transaction Report to Print Out All Report if you would like a screenshot of the front page of your fax to be on your confirmation page
  9. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page.


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  1. Thank you for the great information. Sharp doesn’t call it a confirmation page like many others; however, they call it a transaction. This saved lots of time and got our end user up and running the way they wanted.


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