How To Setup Sharp MXC357F to Scan to Network Folders – Windows 10

  1. Open the device web GUI by typing the IP address into a web browser
  2. On the left menu, click Apps
  3. Click Scan Center-Network Folders
  4. Click Configure
  5. In the new tab, click Create Network Folder
  6. Enter Display Name as the user or department name, the domain, and the shared folder address. Change authentication options to Use static user name and password and enter a username and password that has access to the shared folder, then click Save.
  7. Under Scan Center click Create Shortcut
  8. Shortcut Name will be the same as Display Name from the previous step, check both the Display on Home Screen and Start scan immediately boxes, then click Add Network Folder
  9. Check the network folder you create earlier, then click Save.
  10. Click Save again on the Create Shortcut page.
  11. To scan from the panel, load your originals head first into the document feeder, then touch the Advanced button
  12. Swipe to the left to move the menu to the second page, then touch the Shortcut key you just created to scan your document.

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