4 Ways to Make Your Print Environment More Efficient

To realize maximum cost and productivity benefits, it’s a best practice for organizations to focus on efficiency across the entire print experience. Having the right set of Multifunction Printers (MFPs) to address document processing requirements is a good start but having an efficient print environment goes beyond hardware. According to a white paper by leading industry analyst IDC Custom Solutions, efficiency requires the following:

4 Ways to Make Your Print Environment More Efficient

1. Automating break/fix service delivery and supplies replenishment

Multifunction printer downtime equals inefficiency. Manual intervention is needed to get the machine running again, and employees waste time seeking alternatives to complete tasks. Automate service calls and supplies replenishment so that downtime can be minimized as much as possible.

2. Appropriately managing the print fleet and how it is being used for cost efficiency

Unnecessary toner and paper costs can be eliminated with the proper technology implementation. Knowing who is using the equipment and how often helps you understand workflow and how resources can be best deployed for efficiency benefits.

3. Considering a managed print services (MPS) engagement with a provider

All of the above are usually part of an MPS engagement with an outside provider. Such programs have been available from print manufacturers and channel partners for several years and continue to evolve in scope and coverage. MPS programs have delivered substantial cost savings and business process efficiency to organizations that implement them.

4. Digitizing workflows where possible

Identifying key document processes that can be digitally automated has almost immediate positive bottom-line impact with “anytime, anywhere” access to content, lowering error counts, meeting specific industry compliance standards, and speeding up operational processes.

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