10 Key Features of Sharp Copiers

Did you know these 10 key features of Sharp copiers? Make sure your copier has the latest and greatest in office equipment technology to keep your workplace running more efficiently and simply smarter.

Based on the BP Line of Copiers

  • Print from your mobile device
  • Sensors auto-detect document size, orientation and set compression – this feature is huge for keeping your documents looking great at a reasonable file size to optimize cloud storage and keep your email server load down
  • Responsive, customizable touchscreen control panel – perhaps the best upgraded feature on the BP series is the new touchscreen. It’s noticeably more reactive to touch, totally flat panel all the way across with no bezel. We customize it with your logo and your workflow!
  • Microsoft Teams connector allows you to scan and print directly from Teams folders
  • Strong security features such as BIOS Integrity Check at startup – Sharp’s bios is written in such a way that it creates industry leading boot time and defense against network attacks.
  • Anti-virus solution to help keep your documents safe – with standard out-of-the-box security features, and available professional document security kit, you can rest assured your information and documents are safe.
  • Soft close drawers lessen noise for neighbors and have less wear and tear – just like your kitchen drawers, the new Sharp soft close trays are a hit in the office.
  • Native support for Universal Print
  • New inner folding unit supports c-fold, z-fold, half-fold and accordion-fold
  • 300-sheet doc feeder scans up to 280 images per minute

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