Is Your Copier Capable of Properly Securing Data?

The office multifunction printer (MFP) is an intelligent business processing hub that serves as an important on- and off-ramp for both paper-based and digitally based business information. Particular attention must be paid to this mission-critical device to ensure compliance with the organization’s overall IT security initiatives. This whitepaper from IDC shows how taking action to design and implement a comprehensive MFP security plan will allow organizations to recognize and react to threats quickly, safeguard data and minimize potential impact. View the whitepaper compiled by IDC below to Safeguard Your Organization’s Sensitive Business Information with a Comprehensive MFP Security Action Plan.

Click to access IDC-Analyst-Security-White-Paper.pdf

Sharp is excited to share the launch of its new line of Advanced and Essential Series monochrome MFPs! These 11 new models feature outstanding performance and integrated security features, making managing document organization and security more efficient. For a free quote on a new model with industry leading security features, click the button below.

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