Sharp Toner Recycling Program

Sharp Toner Recycling Program

Sharp Electronics offers a FREE program to recycle toner cartridges. Whenever you pull out an empty toner and put a new one in, visit to directly request a bulk kit for 3 shipping labels and boxes to send your empty toners back.

This toner recycling program is absolutely free to any business with a Sharp printer.  This is why Skelton Business Equipment is a premier Sharp copier dealer in Houston. We make our business partners aware of everything they can take advantage of for free! The boxes are FedEx pre-paid cartons. If you don’t have a FedEx pickup service at your office you can drop them at any FedEx shipping store or even holler at a FedEx truck if you see one driving by and hand it over to the driver!

  • The kit comes with 3 pre-paid shipping boxes, 3 liner bags and 3 zip ties
  • The boxes come with instructions for packing
  • Please ship them in bulk (more than 1 toner) whenever possible
  • If you do not want to use the free service you may still ship your empty toners back, AT YOUR EXPENSE, to:

Sharp Recycling
2051 Meridian Place
Hebron, KY 41408

  • No need to notify FedEx of your package in transit

Do your part. It only takes a couple of minutes to make an impact. Sharp Toner Recycling

Take a minute to go ahead and order a FREE recycling kit. The current generation creates more pollution and leaves more of a carbon footprint than any before it. This is a simple, cost effective way to help out the environment. Creating plastic trash is nearly permanent. There is a body of trash floating in the pacific that is the size of Texas. I wish I were making this up. Be green, it’s 2015. We only have one mother earth, help keep her habitable. 

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  1. Do you recycle waste toner containers as well? I have one for a SHARP MX-2300N but the box says Katun Performance. Do you take that as well?

    • I believe the toner recycling program is only for toner cartridges, not the waste containers. You can empty that container and reuse it, which is what we recommend. DO IT OUTSIDE!

  2. Hello. Our office has a new printer machine, and we have 6 toners from Sharp and we would like to send them back. I do not have the shipping material (free kit) I dont know how to do it or where to mail it since they are brand new, it wouldn’t be recycling to my understanding.

    Thanks in Advance.

    I know these posts are old, but for anyone new asking questions:
    They will send you a box with a plastic liner & zip ties to send back empty toner cartridges & the waste container (yes, all go in the same box). I don’t know why anyone would shake out a waste container. That stuff is a HUGE mess! It would be like shaking a gallon of paint without a lid.


    We understand that not all customers use toner cartridges in bulk. And, since we are truly committed to improving our green initiatives, we are offering our low volume recycling customers a new option for their used cartridges.

    You can now drop off single Sharp cartridges at any Staples location. Staples will take care of recycling the cartridge at no cost to you. Click on the Staples logo to find the nearest drop-off location.

    You can also contact your Sharp Dealer for information on their toner consolidation procedure.

    Please contact Customer Service toll free at 866-265-6906 or email questions to

  4. Please send us a Sharp toner Recycling program toner kit.

    Thank You,
    Andrea Strutz, Concierge
    Lockwood of Clinton Senior Living


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