Spread Your Faith Safely: 5 Benefits of Printing In-House

As communities of faith continue to gather, the CDC continues to recommend limiting frequently shared objects. An emerging trend is to print single-use prayers and bulletins for each congregant to help ensure everyone’s safety while practicing their faith.

  1. Stay Safe: Keep congregants safe and engaged with a fresh copy of your prayer leaflets and song sheets.
  2. Save Money: Outsourcing can be costly. Print programs, bulletins and newsletters in-house and stop paying for excess copies.
  3. Stay Nimble: Make changes on the fly to printed weekly sermons and other leaflets.
  4. Save Time: Stop ordering print jobs in advance and waiting for orders to arrive; print what you need when you need it.
  5. Spark Creativity: Produce colorful, professional bulletins, flyers, booklets and more with one machine that can help do it all.

Contact a Sharp representative to learn more about special promotions and the advantages of printing in-house.


3 thoughts on “Spread Your Faith Safely: 5 Benefits of Printing In-House”

  1. We have a Sharp MX-4141N and are using it to print for a Christian school coop. It is hard wired to a network that we can connect to via wi-fi. The problem we are having is that every time we want to use the printer, we are having to reinstall the driver onto our computers. Once we reinstall the driver, we can print, but the following day we have to reinstall all over again. I am assuming there is probably a setting on the printer that is causing this issue since it is happening for multiple people, but I cannot figure out what the problem is. Any suggestions to fix this? Thank you in advance!


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