Spread Your Faith Safely: 5 Benefits of Printing In-House

As communities of faith continue to gather, the CDC continues to recommend limiting frequently shared objects. An emerging trend is to print single-use prayers and bulletins for each congregant to help ensure everyone’s safety while practicing their faith.

  1. Stay Safe: Keep congregants safe and engaged with a fresh copy of your prayer leaflets and song sheets.
  2. Save Money: Outsourcing can be costly. Print programs, bulletins and newsletters in-house and stop paying for excess copies.
  3. Stay Nimble: Make changes on the fly to printed weekly sermons and other leaflets.
  4. Save Time: Stop ordering print jobs in advance and waiting for orders to arrive; print what you need when you need it.
  5. Spark Creativity: Produce colorful, professional bulletins, flyers, booklets and more with one machine that can help do it all.

Contact a Sharp representative to learn more about special promotions and the advantages of printing in-house.


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