Sharp Copier Printer Image Memory Clear – Corrupt Print Job

Sharp Copier Printer Image Memory Clear

Every once in a while a print job will get stuck in the queue on your Sharp copier. It is either stuck in the “rendering” phase, or the “spooling” phase. We’ve found that this is related to a corrupted file being printed, or a malfunctioning print driver that should be updated. To clear or delete the print job in limbo you’ll need to clear it out both on the computer/server side, and in the Sharp copier/printer itself.

Open your printers menu within the control panel in Windows, double click on the Sharp print driver, right click the print job and cancel it. Once the corrupt print job has been removed from your Sharp print queue, you can go to the touch screen of the machine and perform the following procedure:

  1. Double tap the home button to the right of the touch screen
  2. When the total count window pops up, tap the version number in the bottom-right corner to bring up the number pad
  3. Touch # * C * within 3 seconds on the number pad
  4. Enter 66 on the number pad on the right side of the touch screen, then touch Mono
  5. Enter 10 on the number pad on the right side of the touch screen, then touch Mono
  6. Touch Execute, then Yes.
  7. Wait until the simulation has finished, then touch Exit to reboot the Sharp copier/printer.

At this point the corrupt job that is stuck in either the rendering or spooling phase should be removed from both the computer/server, and from the Sharp copier/printer so you can resume regular printing activity.


For additional comprehensive instructions for setup and troubleshooting of Sharp copier/printer/scanners, visit the How To page.

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20 thoughts on “Sharp Copier Printer Image Memory Clear – Corrupt Print Job”

  1. My MX-3050 printer/copier has a message on it’s screen that reads:

    Please Wait.
    Data is being cleared.

    How long does this normally take, and is this something this machine does?

  2. Hi, the sharp Mx5111n display panel is freezed, none of the keys are responding, when you off and on it back it responses in 3 to 6seconds and then stop responding, meanwhile the display is displaying perfectly


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