Sharp Copier Active Directory Integration

Active Directory ® Integration for the Sharp

See below for Sharp’s official announcement and detailed configuration instructions!

Introduction to Active Directory Integration on your Sharp copierSharp Copier Active Directory Integration

The new color Sharp Advanced and Essential series have a couple of new advanced security features. One of these features includes Active Directory (AD) integration. This is designed to help IT administrators implement stronger, controlled security on these MFPs. An Active Directory registered MFP is a trusted resource which allows secure communication and transaction within the network.

Benefits of AD Integration include:
– Secure and trusted user authentication and network communication
– Single-Sign-On to network resources via secure token
– Seamless user access to:

  • Scan to network folders
  • Scan to home directory
  • Scan to email

– Active Directory user authentication for printing
– Enhanced printer management using AD

Sharp Active Directory Integration and Setup Instructions


In this document, you will find the following Active Directory related settings and instructions:

1) AD Registration – register the Sharp copier as a computer on your domain
2) AD Authentication – active User Control in the Sharp copier and choose Active Directory Authentication
3) ID Card Settings for AD Authentication – setup ID card login using Active Directory credentials. Cards will auto-register during first login, and after password changes
4) Single-Sign-On to AD Resources – scan to AD home directory, or user’s email address
5) Printing in the AD Integrated Environment – setup your Sharp print driver to print once the AD is configured
6) FAQ:

  • 6-1.Which models are supported?
  • 6-2.What is the structure of the AD/LDAP Directory Information Tree for AD?
  • 6-3.What is the available MFP information in AD?
  • 6-4.Why can’t I register the MFP to AD?
  • 6-5.How can I map MFP authority group/user control?

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4 thoughts on “Sharp Copier Active Directory Integration”

  1. Hi,

    This tech tip was a gift, and I thank you so much.
    But I still have a problem, and I hope you can help me.

    I can’t enable Single Sign On on the Drivers. Machine is into AD, and Auth is working for copy by login through the LCD Panel.

    When I install printer driver, after “auto Configuration” there is no “Single Sign On” can’t be enabled in any way.

    I checked AD and Domain Controller. Seems good
    What should I need to check.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • I believe when printing Windows sends along the user’s information to the machine without any input from the driver, so it should work that way. There’s always the Job Handling tab, change authentication type to Login Name/Password, and enter that information there.

  2. i can’t seem to get the computer account to show up in AD, but Ldap is functioning.

    i want to tie the auth groups to the users, do i need the computer account to show up in ad?


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