Sharp Announces PANTONE® Color Matching for the MX-7081 & MX-8081 High-speed Color Document Systems

Sharp is pleased to announce that the new MX-7081 and MX-8081 high-speed color document systems now support Pantone Color Matching. This valuable feature is a perfect fit for any color critical environment that utilizes the Pantone Matching System®.

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The color analysts at Pantone have expertly tuned the Pantone colors for these Sharp MFPs. This carefully crafted color table faithfully reproduces colors from the Pantone Coated Series.

Key benefits:

  • The Pantone Matching System is used in many different industries such as graphic arts, fashion, home, interior design, architectural, paint, industrial design and more.
  • Pantone colors are used in most corporate logos and/or text to distinguish their brand image.
  • Traditionally, matching Pantone colors required color expertise and the use of expensive workflow software. Pantone matching with Sharp MFPs is simple!


Pantone color matching for both models mentioned in this bulletin is available immediately and offered at no extra cost. Contact your Sharp dealer today to get your Pantone Look-Up table installed.

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