How Can Your Organization Benefit from Managed Print Services (MPS)?

Focus on Your Core Business

Get back to doing what matters most and have control over your print environment through a customized MPS program. A single vendor will proactively manage all aspects of your print infrastructure from equipment, supplies and service to ongoing consultative support.

2/3 of SMBs Can’t track printer usage or costs. This is a Problem. Yes, that capital P is on purpose!

8 Key Advantages

  1. Know your true cost of printing
  2. Toner arrives just in time
  3. Only pay for what you print
  4. Free IT from print-related issues
  5. One vendor, one invoice
  6. Enhanced security
  7. More equipment uptime
  8. Optimized fleet with less equipment

Increase Efficiency and Support

  • MPS can reduce print spending up to 30%
  • Pepperdine University has 6 campuses with controlled print spending.
  • Community Health Network saved $1M over a five-year span.
  • Major city in Southern California saves 50% when switching MPS providers.

“You have to look at your data every month and make sure you understand your pricing structure. Sharp has replaced copiers as needed in order to stay well under budget and demonstrated a very high level of service.” — Supervising Management Analyst, Department of Public Works

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