MBM 307A Automatic Paper Folder

Request a quote for a MBM 307A Automatic paper folder today! You’ll be glad you did.

MBM 307A Automatic Paper FolderThe MBM 307A Automatic Paper folder is an absolute necessity for any office environment that does a lot of mailings, brochures, or pamphlets. This machine automatically adjusts the folding plates to the length of your paper, and folds them at 192 sheets per minute! You can load 450 sheets in the hopper and just let it rip.  There aren’t many moving parts so it rarely has any issues.

We have been using the MBM 307A in our office to fold thousands of invoices monthly for many years. It’s very dependable, durable, and just plain fast. Check out this video of it in action.


For any of you super technical folks who want to read as much as possible before making decisions for your office, here is the official specification sheet from MBM. The only thing I don’t agree with on here is “quiet operation.” While it is a bit quieter than the traditional open faced paper folders, it still makes some racket. That being said, it’s done doing it’s business before you get annoyed with it.


We install these machines in print shops, church offices, advertising firms, schools, and flyer production companies. If you do a lot of mailings this machine will pay for itself in labor hours in no time. Request a quote on the MBM 307A today.

This machine can do in a minute what it takes a person half an hour to do. Think of all of the time you can save! If you’re paying someone to fold documents for you this will save your business money. The only time someone told us they didn’t need one of these was because they had volunteers that folded the church bulletins and they liked doing it to keep busy!

Skelton Business Equipment in Houston can provide the MBM 307A folding machine to any greater Houston area business at well below MSRP. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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