Sharp Waste Toner Box – Emptying Process

How To Empty Your Sharp Waste Toner Box:

Video Instructions for 2015 and older models:

Video instructions for 2016 and newer color models:


After you’ve been using your Sharp copier/printer/scanner for a while, you’ll get a message that reads like the image below, “The waste toner box will be needed soon. (Prepare a new one.)”


Sharp Waste Toner Box


This occurs when the waste toner box is full of the discarded excess toner from the printing process. In order to keep the prints nice and clean, the machine wipes the internals clean and deposits the toner into this box. It’s very simple to empty, although it can be messy if you’re not careful.


Follow these instructions to empty the waste toner box so you can resume regular printing activity.

  1. Open the front cover
  2. Push the green rectangular button above the black box to eject the waste toner collector
  3. Slide the box out of the machine, it comes out at an angle
  4. Hold the box parallel to the ground, and take it outside with a lined trash can
  5. While still holding it level with the ground, pop the white plug off the bottom of the box using a flat object(flat-head screwdrivers work well for this)
  6. SLOWLY lower the box into the trash bag, then tilt it to start dumping the toner
  7. Gently shake the box to free up the packed toner, continue to dump it until it’s empty
  8. Wipe off the box with a DRY paper towel and reinsert it into your Sharp printer


Skelton Business Equipment delivers a spare Sharp waste toner box with every color copier in Houston. If you have a spare, empty box, just swap it out and place the full one in a trash bag so one of your technicians can empty it for you on their next visit. If you need to purchase an additional Sharp waste toner box you can request one from our supply request page. They ARE NOT included with your maintenance and toner contract.


19 thoughts on “Sharp Waste Toner Box – Emptying Process”

    • Some of the newer models have waste toner boxes that can not be reused. You may have to purchase another waste box in this case.

    • Search “How to reset Sharp MX5070 Waster Toner Box” (but substitute your printer’s model number). Usually, a small tab is ejected when the box is full, which depresses a switch activating the error message. That tab needs to be reset. The method may vary depending on your model. Easy peasy!

  1. In the second video, above, that’s the same model waste toner as on the MX-3050 which we have. On ours you can’t just hold the button down and turn the gear, as shown, but you have to use a needle nose pliers or something to reach into the two gaps at the very end where that gear is and unhook the white clips to get the spring to click back into place.

  2. Hi

    sort of just came across this
    here in the uk.. we have to supply customers with empty containers… 🙁
    we dare not ask them to do it themselves….
    the newer containers I think contain developer.. and we can never get it all out
    helps in an emergency though… 😉



    • The only way to tell would be either by the weight of it, or you can carefully pop the plug off of the tank and take a look. There is no display on the box itself to show how full it is, unfortunately.

  3. hello,
    i have sharp MX-4060N, MX-3060N, MX-3550N, MX-3050N. i replaced the toners and developers. just after two days i noticed the machines have error codes and upon checking, i noticed all the toners and developers are finished. Please, what could be the issue….please help.


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