Cheap Copiers in Houston

“Cheap Copier in Houston”


It came as no surprise to find out this is one of the most frequently searched terms when people are searching for a new office copier. Whether you’re looking to lease or purchase a copier, you’re no doubt searching for a great deal. While we understand the price is a large factor in your decision, don’t forget to consider the baggage that comes along with a multi-functional office printer, and the value a great support team can bring to the table.Sharp MX4070N MX3570N MX3070N

  • Support – you WILL need to contact us for support at some point, and we are “Johnny on the spot.” We will be there within 4 hours to take a look at, and repair your copier. If we cannot repair it in a reasonable amount of time we can bring you a comparable loaner machine to use in the meantime.
  • Billing – Skelton streamlines the billing process by setting up automatic meter reading submission. Either your machine to send it to us, you can submit the total count with this form, or you can tell us over the phone. Whatever works best for you.
  • Knowledge – our staff has decades of experience in dealing with Sharp copiers. We know how to pinpoint problems, make recommendations on which equipment would suit you best, and help you implement new systems into your environment.

So if you’re just searching for a cheap copier in Houston, you might get sold something that will break and have nobody to fix it, or you can be sold something that will break and have someone from Skelton at your office in a few hours. All copiers will need maintenance, that’s just how it goes. Although Sharp copiers are reliable and top-rated, they will still need some attention from time to time.

Take the time to request a quote from Skelton. It will take you 1 minute, and you’ll like what you get in return. Not only in terms of pricing, but the whole Skelton package and copier buying experience.

Whether you’re gathering a purchase and lease price for a new Sharp MX4070N, or a refurbished Sharp MX2610N, we’ve got you covered!

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