Should I Buy Office Equipment from a Retailer or Dealer?

Comparing print hardware purchasing options for the home worker

The shift to work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid work models are starting to look like more permanent options for many organizations. This transition is requiring many businesses to make long-term decisions on how to equip home workers with the tools and hardware needed to do their jobs.

While some procedures may not change, what about printing and scanning needs? Do organizations head out to a local retail store or outfit home workers as they would office workers? What’s the difference?


Buying from a Retailer

  • Large selections of brands are available for purchase directly from a retail store or online. Buyer receives almost no advice on their purchase and must do their own research!
  • Purchase does not include assembly, initial drivers and software setup and connection to the company network.
  • Customer is responsible for the setup of all security configurations.
  • The total cost of ownership may vary GREATLY due to additional supplies (i.e., toner) and future maintenance fees.
  • Beneficial for a one-time purchase. Bulk orders only work if the same model is being purchased.
  • Limited local support may involve a series of emails, multiple phone calls and complicated online form submissions for you to manage.


Buying from a Dealer

  • Purchasing can be done remotely or in person. Buyer receives consultative advice from industry experts to steer them toward a proper solution.
  • Purchase includes assembly, necessary drivers and software installation, secure device installation on the company network and user training.
  • Post-purchase support includes the proper setup of security configurations and features.
  • Dealers offer managed print services (MPS) to provide a predictable monthly total cost, including proactive service maintenance and supplies.
  • Suitable for individual or bulk purchases. Dealers can include home office printers and work-from-home bundles at a special price.
  • Most local dealerships have service technicians who can respond to a service call within 24 hours.

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