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Sharp MX-4140N Price, or 4141, 5140, 5141

For a Sharp MX-4140N price quote fill out a quick quote form. I’ll have a quote to you within a few hours. Hey, if you’re in Houston, TX we can probably even deliver one or two of these to your office TODAY or TOMORROW!

Sharp MX-4140N PriceSharp has one-upped themselves with this new and improved medium-speed multi-functional color printer. The MX-4140N, MX-4141N, MX-5140N and MX-5141N have a refined 10.1 inch operation panel making operation a breeze. The touch screen is much more responsive than the previous series (MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-5110N, MX-5111N) due to a faster processor in the print controller.


Shooting out copies and prints at 41 or 51 pages per minute is simple work for these Sharp printers. With a minimal paper path from the paper tray to the output area, there are few places for jams and misfeeds. When jams do occur, they couldn’t be simpler to remove. There aren’t nearly as many moving parts in this system compared to a traditional copier.


Since most offices are becoming centered around scanning more than printing, the MX-4141N and MX-5141N have a robust DUAL HEAD DOCUMENT SCANNER which scans both sides of a two-sided document at the same time – in one pass. This essentially doubles the machine’s productivity when scanning to an email address, network folder, FTP server or USB storage media. The MX-4141N and MX-5141N also have a built-in retractable keyboard for data entry and an enhanced scanner compression kit that produces files 1/8th the size with virtually no quality loss. The keyboard and enhanced scanner compression kits are available as option on Sharp MX-4140N and MX-5140N.Sharp MX-M365N_465N_565N Panel

Need to print from your mobile phone or tablet? If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, these Sharps have Apple AirPrint built-in. If you’re on the office’s WiFi network simply select the printer and send it out. For TRUE mobile printing Skelton utilizes Drivve Print. This is a software platform that allows printing to our Sharp devices from literally any device capable of sending an email, from ANYWHERE in the world, in virtually EVERY file format.


New features

that are built-in to the MX-4140N, MX-4141N, MX-5140N, MX-5141N include but are not limited to:

  • Wireless network card – if there is a WiFi network in your office, all this machine needs is a 20 amp power outlet!
  • Pantone Color Matching
  • True 1200 x 1200 DPI color printing
  • Standard Post Script Printing for Apple/Mac computers and walk-up USB printing of PDFs or images
  • 256 bit data encryption with 7 time data overwrite – your data is secure!
  • End-Of-Lease data wipe
  • Scan and Print: send a document to your computer and make a copy of it with one pass through the automatic document feeder
  • Sharp OSA connectivity


The customer feedback on these Sharp printers is incredible. The Sharp MX-4140N is our most popular machine since it’s inexpensive for it’s speed class and it functions better than other manufacturers’ products of similar speeds.


The Sharp product option catalog for these models is extensive. It can be a simple all-in-one with 2 x 500 sheet paper trays and no finisher, or it can have 6,600 sheet paper capacity and a folding/stapling finisher. Feel free to request a free, no obligation quote today based on your office’s needs. We tailor every quote to your specifications, so pricing varies.


If you have any questions about the Sharp MX-4140N price wise, MX-4141N, MX-5140, MX-5141N, call 281-351-5128 or shoot us an email.


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