Sharp Model Changes from “N” to “v”

Sharp has implemented some changes on some of the accessories for their Color Advanced and their Color Essential series machines. Rather than shipping wiring harnesses to account for the change, they have built the changes into the engine and re-assigned the model names. These models are more or less the same from a customer perspective, and the pricing remains the same.

You can still check out our reviews of these series in our blog and request pricing.

Sharp Color Essential Series:

  • MX-3050N → MX-3050v
  • MX-3550N → MX-3550v
  • MX-4050N → MX-4050v
  • MX-5050N → MX-5050v
  • MX-6050N → MX-6050v

Sharp Color Advanced Series:

  • MX-3070N → MX-3070v
  • MX-3570N → MX-3570v
  • MX-4070N → MX-4070v
  • MX-5070N → MX-5070v
  • MX-6070N → MX-6070v 

Some of the accessories that go with these models will have an N or L appended on the end of the option number. Again, this is more for the Sharp service folks and end users should not be concerned with the changes.


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