How To Replace Staple Cartridge on Sharp Copier / Printer

How To Replace Empty Staple Cartridge on Sharp Copier / Printer

This procedure demonstrates how to replace an empty staple cartridge on a Sharp copier/printer/scanner. Namely the MX-SCX1 staples found in the finishers on the new Sharp advanced and essential series(models listed below).

  1. Open the front cover on the finisher
  2. Pull down lightly on the green tab to release the staple cartridge.
    • Note: the cartridge will not be available to grab until it is completely empty. There is no sensor to tell you when it’s getting low on staples, so if you do a lot of stapling it’s a good idea to have a spare set. You can order them from us.
  3. Pinch the empty clear plastic cartridge on the arrows that point upward and remove the empty box, discard/recycle, leaving the chassis empty for the new cartridge
  4. Insert the full, new cartridge into the chassis the until it clicks into place
  5. Insert the chassis with the new MX-SCX1 cartridge back into the finisher with the green tab facing towards the front of the machine
  6. Close the front cover on the finisher
  7. Test the stapling feature to make sure it staples properly
    • Sometimes it shoots a few blanks to advance the new sheet of staples to the front of the chassis

These instructions pertain the internal finishers (MX-FN27) and external finisher (MX-FN28, MX-FN29) which are compatible with the following Sharp models:


  • MX3050N
  • MX3550N
  • MX4050N
  • MX5050N
  • MX6050N[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]
  • MX3070N
  • MX3570N
  • MX4070N
  • MX5070N
  • MX6070N[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end][/ezcol_1third_end]

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  1. Thats on a inner finisher, MX Fn 27 which you show using the correct staples MX-SCX1
    The External Finisher MX FN29 uses the ar-sc2 as its main staples The manual says it also uses the MX-SCX1 staples. But unable to find location of the staples. Unless it is a misprint.


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