6 thoughts on “How To Setup HID Card Reader on Sharp Copier and Auto-Print on Login”

  1. I have Sharp MX-5000N and I need to apply it,
    but this step of “USer Control > Card Type / Card Reader Setting”
    Not Exist in my Machine how can I enable it??

  2. Thank yyou for writing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’venever been compelled to leave a comment.

    I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook.
    Thanks again for a great post!

  3. Thanks for this great description. Do you have a list of supported card-readers? We tested with a noname-125khz USB-RFID-Reader but the systems reported that the reader isn´t supported. A standard USB-Keybord works fine.

    • Unfortunately not. Make sure you go through the step to identify the reader to the machine properly. It wont work if you just plug it in.

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