How To: Sharp Confidential Printing / Password Protected Printing

Sharp Confidential Printing

If you need to print something confidentially to pick up later, or have a password protected print job on you Sharp printer, here are some simple instructions on how to do this task. Sharp confidential printing is pretty straightforward and simple. Once you do it a few times it will become second nature.

It’s a 2 step process. First, in your print driver. Then at the Sharp’s touch screen panel.

  1. When printing, click the Properties or Preferences button to open the print driver properties. Move to the Job Handling tab and check off the Retention button and enter a password. If you just want the machine to hold the job you can skip the password. Send the job.Sharp Confidential Printing
  2. Go to the Sharp touch screen and touch either Document Filing or HDD File Retrieve. Your screen may differ from the picture below but it will be similar.Sharp Confidential Printing - Document Filing
  3. Choose the folder you sent the job to, normally the Main or Quick folder.
  4. Check the job you want to print out, before touching Print Now designate whether you want the machine to continue storing the job or not with the Print and Delete option on the right.Sharp Confidential Printing


That’s all there is to it. If you have any other questions about operating your Sharp printer feel free to visit the How To Library on our site. There are instructions for accomplishing nearly any task with your Sharp MFP.

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25 thoughts on “How To: Sharp Confidential Printing / Password Protected Printing”

  1. Hello. i am trying to setup custom folder with password when using document filing. the issue is when i print from my computer it goes to Main Folder instead of my custom folder. i checked the password, re-installing, updating the driver for MX4141N still going to wrong folder. Sometimes it goes to correct folder too. Please advise what else to check or troubleshoot. or this function from Sharp is not so reliable? Thanks.

    • If you default your settings in your printing preferences it should go to the correct folder each time. This is one of those issues that’s hard to say what’s wrong without seeing it. Use our contact form to send me an email and I’ll reply so you can send a screenshot.

      • Hi, i Sent an email already but no reply yet.
        My trouble is generally Custom folder is working but occasionally some jobs go to Main folder. It is just not reliable. I did restart mfp, re created custom folder.

        • I replied to your comment on the article. I’d recommend contacting a local Sharp dealer so they can take a look in person. It’s hard for me to say from here without seeing how it is setup, etc.

  2. Used Retention printing set the password but It keeps telling me that I’m wrong. I am the administrator of the printer. How do I delete the print job since it will not print. Or can I print the job with Admin privileges?

  3. Hi, I have a Sharp M503N printer and I can’t configure a custom folder, I create a custom folder in the website, the custom folder shows in the printer, but in the driver when I select the option custom folder, stored to… it gives me a message: Could not retrieve Folder Names, so I can’t select my custom folder, what I’m not doing ?

    • Sounds like there may be an issue with the printer port. Make sure you’re using a Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of the copier/printer.

  4. A previous employee printed with a secure password several months ago and is no longer here. It is just stuck there. Is there any way to delete the print job so it does not appear in the folder anymore?

  5. I too am trying to figure out how to get rid of old locked documents where the owner of the document has either left the company, or does not remember what password was used. I can’t even delete them from the admin interface it seems. Any ideas?

    • In the User Control default settings on the web page there should be a check box that says “Disabling of printing by invalid user.” Check that box and click Apply.

  6. Hi, I just want to ask how to put or set up a password code/lock on our printer here in our office (Sharp Printer MX-3114N Model) because of whenever we leave from work, other contractors are using our printer to photocopying.

  7. Hi,
    We have introduced PP Printing in our office, however there are times where there can be 5-6 documents to be printed. When we try to press select all, none of the boxes are ticked and we are forced to print one document at a time.
    Is this something that can be fixed so 1 user can enter their password for multiple documents once or do we need to accept that we can only print one document at a time with PP Printing?
    Thank you

  8. Hey, I am having some issues when it comes to printing numerous jobs with a passcode for the user. In other words, I have 5 jobs that’s have been sent to the printer, but I am not able to print all 5 simultaneously together after putting the passcode for one job. I have to keep entering the passcode for each job so in this case 5 times to get all the jobs printed. Is there a way to make this easier and more efficient by only having to enter the passcode once and do a batch file of all the print jobs I have sent to the printer?
    Thank you!

    • Apu, what model are you working with and how many users do you have? That will help me make a recommendation on the best way to go about this.

  9. I Try to set same like in this video on my Sharp DX2500N , but its showing one error message “Please check the following setting. password (Retension)” like this

  10. I too am trying to figure out how to get rid of old locked documents where the owner of the document has either left the company, or does not remember what password was used. I can’t even delete them from the admin interface it seems. Any ideas? Model # MX-3070N, Sharp Printer

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