Sharp Interactive Touch-Screen Whiteboard Displays

Transform Learning Spaces with Interactive Whiteboards in Education

Educators are tasked each and every day with the challenge of engaging their students in a classroom setting. This infographic will highlight six key ways that educators and students can optimize interactive whiteboards for an innovative and collaborative learning experience.

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Check out the statistics on the infographic below to see how your student’s attentiveness, participation, and productivity will increase with Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboards. College students of today were born into a digital age. Interactive teaching tools can help them to succeed. Sharp PN-L803C Aquos Board - Interactive Display System

Most public schools, universities and other public entities belong to cooperative purchasing contracts that these Sharp Aquos boards are available to purchase or lease from. Please contact us today if you’re in Houston, TX and would like more information and pricing on Sharp digital whiteboards.

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