Address Book – Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP, Fax on Sharp Copier

Address Book Management on Sharp Copier / Scanner – Learn to enter Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP, and Fax Addresses

These instructions will give an overview of how to add various types of addresses to be stored in the address book on your Sharp copier / scanner. We will be covering the following:

  • Adding Addresses
    • Email Address
    • Fax Address
    • FTP Address
    • Network Folder Address
  • Editing Existing Addresses
  • Deleting Addresses

Sharp Models these instructions pertain to: MX-3050N, MX-3070N, MX-3550N, MX-3570N, MX-4050N, MX-4070N, MX-5050N, MX-5070N, MX-6050N, MX-6070N, MX-6580, MX-7580

Managing the Address Book on your Sharp Copier

Adding Addresses

  1. Open the web interface of your copier by typing the IP address into your browser’s IP address bar. If you don’t know your copier’s IP address, you can get it by printing a NIC page. Once you have the Sharp web GUI open, click the Address Book tab at the top1 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier
  2. Scroll down a bit, then click the Add button2 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier
  3. Enter the Address Name – this is what the button on the copier’s touch screen will say. Then enter the person’s initials so the Sharp machine will file them in the correct order.
  4. Scroll down and choose the type of Address you want to create. For an email address, leave it on the Email tab, enter the person’s email address, and choose the default file type.  If you have the Compact PDF in your options I recommend using it. When finished, click Submit, or Submit and Register Next if you plan on adding several in a row. 
  5. For a Fax Address enter the name at the top of the page, a fax number, then click Submit, or Submit and Register Next if you plan on adding several in a row. 6 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier
  6. For a FTP address enter the name at the top of the page, then fill in the FTP server hostname or IP address, choose your file type, enter a specific directory if you don’t want the scan to drop into the FTP root directory, and enter a network username/password that has rights to this directory. Click Submit when finished.7 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier
  7. For a Network Folder address enter the name at the top, then enter the Network Path to the shared folder, and a username and password for an account that has access to the shared folder. Choose your desired default file type, then click Submit when finished. 5 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier

Editing Existing Addresses

To edit an entry in your address book:

  1. Click on the address name (blue link)
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the appropriate tab for the type of address you are editing
  3. Choose “Address 1” from the drop-down menu just below the address type tabs
  4. Edit your settings and click Submit.

*Note: this is handy for misspelled emails or network folder paths, or to change a password on a network folder that is using an account with a new password

10 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier

Deleting Addresses from your Address Book

This is very simple. Put a check next to the address(es) you want to delete, and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page. Click OK on the pop-up at the top of the page to confirm. 9 Address Book - Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP to Sharp Copier

This concludes the instructions for adding, editing, and deleting addresses from the address book on your Sharp copier. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us through our contact page.

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36 thoughts on “Address Book – Add Email Addresses, Network Folders, FTP, Fax on Sharp Copier”

    • What model are you working with? The address book is an encrypted binary file when exported. I don’t know of a way to import multiple at a time. If you have a newer color model you can upload multiple at once.

    • Yes, the address book files the names by the initial you enter, so if you want a certain person to be at the top of the list you can use AAA for their initial, AAB for the person you want second, etc. Hope this helps! -Collin

  1. Is it possible to disable the built-in address book and use ONLY the Global Address List? We have an LDAP account this printer uses to connect to AD and we want users to ONLY have access to the GAL, not the built-in address list.

  2. I’ve searched far and wide on this to try and be a bit self sufficient, but is there a way to sort the local address book alpahbetically A-Z via the web portal? I’m trying to do this for a printer 2 states over.

      • The addresses are filed alphabetically by the initials used in the address setup. You can sort them alphabetically by initials at the panel.

  3. I have an MX-M266N. Now have new computer. Can’t get it the MX to store scanned docs to new comp. Got software installed. Prints fine. Accessed the address registry to add new “Scanned Documents” folder which I’ve fully opened up for access and security. I think the problem may be with the User to which the scans are directed. The initial installer set up a new user on my old comp called “Scanner”. I just want to scan directly to my computer with me as user. I set “user name” to \\[computer name]\[user name]. Correct folder path also. Still, scanned docs do not arrive into folder like they did with old computer. Am I required to set up this “Scanner” user to receive scans? Please help.

    • Hi Alexander – sorry for the delayed reply. The username shouldnt have any \\ in front of it. Most of the time it does not require the computer name either.

      Please watch this video for a full explanation. It looks a bit different than your machine’s web page, but the steps are virtually the same –


  5. I have inserted the same username and password as what I created based on the videos, however the printer pop out a notification stating that my username and password is invalid. Can help me on this matter?

  6. It is in point of fact a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Admin,

    I am facing problem i cant add users in Address Book. Add user is not appearing even on the device it self i am unable to add users.
    please help me in this i am very thankful to you.


  8. Is it possible to change the location where the files will be scanned to using SharpDesk? I want to take it off a local drive and put it on a network drive. I am working on SharpDesk 3.3 and a Sharp ht-4070v copier. I would appreciate any advice!

    • Yes! Look for the Network Scanner Tool in the system tray. Open that up. Highlight the name of the destination you want to edit, then click properties. you can edit and submit the file path for scanning from there, then apply!

  9. On a Sharp MX-M3070, an address book address was changed to correct a spelling error. Now the end user is not getting the scan to email. After much work, we have discovered a 2nd email address in the system though I can find no evidence of it ON THE SHARP MFP. Apparently the email is attempting to deliver to both (correct), but also which is a “place-holder” address once used for this user in a previous position, and to the best of my knowledge was never used on this device. I cannot find anywhere on the MFP where this address exists. This user’s entry has been deleted from the address book and re-created multiple times with no success in getting scan to email to work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Alexander – sorry for the delay – that’s a strange issue. I can’t say I’ve heard of that issue before. Are other users able to scan? It sounds to me like active directory is trying to tie that placeholder email to the current one after the scan leaves the machine? I’m not sure how to remedy that, unfortunately.

  10. Is there a program I can use that will “push” out the address book to multiple Sharp MFPs at the same time so I don’t have to manage the address book individually on each machine?

  11. MX3610 issues with fax…ive entered a fax number along with the email address. However, when I wish to fax, and choose that contact, it emails instead of faxing.


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