Sharp Printer Offline Solution

Sharp Printer Offline Solution

The solution is simple. Every once in a while when the Sharp printer requires maintenance it will send a signal to the surrounding network that it is offline. While the printer probably requires a bit of attention, a quick change in the port settings will get you back up and running in the meantime. We have placed quite a few of these copiers in Houston, and we know our stuff!

*This needs to be done from the computer that the printer is installed on. If your printer is called, for example, Sharp MX-5110N on SERVER, then the printer is installed on a computer called SERVER and that’s the computer you want to be in front of for the steps below.

Start by opening your Control Panel. Windows 8 or 10 hit “Windows+i”

  1. Open Printers and Faxes or Printers and Other Hardware
  2. Right click on the Sharp printer, click Printer Properties
  3. Click the Ports tab at the top of the window (if you don’t have a ports tab you opened the wrong “Properties”)
  4. Click Configure Port (If you cannot configure the port this printer is being shared from a server and you need to make these adjustments from the server)
  5. Uncheck the box at the bottom that says SNMP Status Enabled
  6. Stand up and clap to celebrate your man vs. machine victorySharp Printer Offline Solution

…hear the printer warming up? It’s about to print out everything you tried to print since it went offline. If you want to cancel these, go to the machine and touch Job Status to Stop/Delete the job.

At this point the printer should become “Ready” rather than Offline. If not, check the network connectivity to the Sharp itself. Make sure you have a green light flickering through the Network Interface Card (NIC), and if necessary print a NIC page to make sure it’s not on DHCP and the IP has changed to something other than what’s listed on your ports tab.

Is you Sharp printer offline anymore? I think not. You’re welcome.

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  1. I am a copier technician, my customer purchase a sharp MX 2640 copier, however the administrator password we don’t know and its not admin we tried that several times, how do I delete the old admin password and enter a new one, I want to enable the network settings.

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